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Crystal Head Hair

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Suitable for damaged hair and dyed Pump bottle 60 g In carton: 36 pcs

Antioxidants PANA 1 Liter

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Packing: 1 liter bottle Quantity per carton 12 6% 9% 12%

Color Styling Gel Pump

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Smooth and Shiny Hair 1 Liter

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Suitable for colored hair In carton: 12 pcs Packing: 1 liter bottle

Smooth and Shiny Hair of 4 Liters

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Suitable for colored hair In carton: 4 Packing: 4-gallon liter

Stabilization Hair (Hair Glue)

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Spray without gas - a very strong   200 grams   In carton: 36 pcs


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Kia Behdashtcompany, in 1382 in industrial production Raabtda Grdyd.shrkt Hashtgerd establishment with a limited product (cream Cream powder) brand began PANA.
In 1386, with the presence of some of the most experienced and professional most qualified in the industry, cosmetic and health of the country, a great development of the company was to gradually products PANA export markets neighboring countries found their way to this day many products with the newest formulation and the best materials The company first produced in cooperation with the largest European companies.
We hope that we can produce high quality products such as past practice and to introduce people.